Our fridge automatically refills your beer, so you never run out again.


Our fridge automatically refills your beer,
so you never run out again.

Create custom beer arrangements that allow you to discover new favorites, and never run out of old ones.

We built a world where you never run out of beer again. The DrinkShift is a dedicated refrigerator designed for your home and built to keep the beer in stock 24/7.

This refrigerator understands you drinking lifestyle and automatically schedules delivery to suit your pace.

Say goodbye to those late night beer runs.


Tasty Triangle

  • select beer on app

    select beer on app
    Select beers from various brands by the app. Create your own set with any number of beers you like.
  • the fridge
    counts beer

    the fridge counts beer
    The refrigerator is designed completely new to merge into your space, such as your living room or private room and connects to our cloud. It also keeps track of when you drink and how many beers are currently left
  • never run out

    The refrigerator optimizes a shipment schedule from your drinking pace. Your beer is delivered before running out.

An exclusive refrigerator that detects the inventory of beer

Beautiful internal display with 6mm vacuum insulated glass and LED.
Holds 14 beers (bottles or cans) in a display unit and inside unit. Also you can cool your favorite beer glass in the display unit.
Notifies our cloud of your consumption and number of beers with built-in sensors and Wi-Fi.


Inner capacity display unit: 2 bottles / inner unit:12 bottles
Outer dimensions W340mm × D440mm × H820mm
Power supply AC 100V (50Hz/60Hz)
Cooling system Peltier cooling
Temperature control 5℃〜10℃ (ambient temperature 25℃)

* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Scheduled to start service in 2019

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